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Stakeholder Workshop Summary: Groundwater Management Vision

Attendees to the June 10, 2020 stakeholder workshop, Groundwater Management Vision, participated in an interactive visioning exercise where they helped populate a virtual white board to answer the question, “What is our shared vision of what a ‘sustainable SLO Basin’ means?” Stakeholders added ideas, perceptions, outcomes, and values onto the white board across the following categories:

  • Available Groundwater Supply: What needs/uses does our groundwater supply always need to be able to serve?

  • Available Groundwater Storage: What needs/uses does our stored groundwater need to serve or prepare us for?

  • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Health: What outcomes do we want for surface water ecosystems and prevention of land subsidence?

  • Cost to Users: If we achieve a “sustain-able SLO Basin,” how does it look to ratepayers?

  • Groundwater Quality: What is the quality of groundwater we aim to sustain?

Below is a snapshot of the draft 5 Guiding Principles that resulted from this input and will be used to guide the remaining decisions in the GSP development. Find the complete workshop summary, including detailed input and public comments here


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